“Belgium Rugby” is the national Belgian Rugby Union. It was founded in 1931. 

It was previously know as the “F.B.R.B.” (“Fédération Belge de Rugby – Belgische Rugby Bond”), an ambiguous acronym that mixed the two main official languages spoken in Belgium, i.e. French and Dutch.

In early 2019, the board of the Union decided to change its name to “Belgium Rugby” for two main purposes: make it neutral for everyone and more understandable towards the international rugby community. A brand new logo and website came out to materialize such a new start.

However, it doesn’t mean that we forget our past. History is there to remind us where we come from and what we have been through. Our sport strongly suffered from the World War II. As a matter of fact, the organization of an international rugby tournament during the Universal Exhibition of 1958 created a second breath for our sport in Belgium. Several new teams were indeed created right after this worldwide event. Ever since, our rugby has only been expanding.

On the first hand, the rugby awareness has increased. More than 12.500 people are playing rugby in Belgium. The Belgian rugby community involves around 50.000 people. A real passion exists for the game. The regional unions (see our subsection “How we work”) are in charge of the development of rugby in Belgium and are doing a fantastic job in this regard.

On the other hand, the high performance aspect of the game has also been improving a lot in the last ten years. It involves both top domestic competitions (National Divisions 1, 2 and 3) and our national teams competing at the international level, both in rugby XV and VII.

For more information on our domestic competitions, please see the section "Competitions". For more information on our national teams, please check the "National Teams" section.

The FBRB or Belgian Rugby Board was founded in 1931.

Rugby in Belgium suffered a lot from World War II.

Its revival occurred at the end of the fifties and several new teams came into being especially after an International Tournament organised during Expo 58.

Since then, rugby in Belgium is regularly expanding.

The domestic competition consists in Senior, U19, U16, Women's , U14 challenge, EdR Tournament and a 7-a-side circuit.

The men Seniors' competition is divided into 3 national divisions (FBRB) and 2 regional divisions (LBFR & VRB). The women Senior’s competition is divided in 3 national division and a Challenge 10’s

Every Senior Men’s team in division 1 and 2 has, in addition, a Reserve team’s competition and a Rugby School, which is also increasingly frequent among other clubs.

Internationally, Belgium plays in the RUGBY EUROPE championship in XV and Seven’s – Woment and Men.

The Belgian French-speaking Rugby Board has started the "Sports and Studying"-action, which includes rugby among other sports.

The Flemish Rugby Board has started a top-class sport action.

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