The fixtures for the Belgium national team XVs in the REC, the Rugby Europe Championship 2024 are as follows:

  • 03.02.2024 > BELGIUM vs. PORTUGAL
  • 10.02.2024 > ROMANIA vs. BELGIUM
  • 17.02.2024 > BELGIUM vs. POLAND

The Portugal home game will be played at Mons, Stade Charles Tondreau. Tickets are available as of now, and can be booked here.

Please take a moment to study the stadium plan before you buy tickets. If you want to make sure to be seated next or close to friends, make sure to select the correct TRIBUNE (1 or 2), and the corresponding block in these tribunes. 

Ticket prices are 12 euros in tribune 1 and 10 euros in tribune 2 for adults. Youth ages 12 to 18 get a 50% discount, kids below 12 years are free to enter, but you must register a ticket for everyone (also the free tickets). 

VIP tables are also available and include dinner and some drinks during the game. A full table is 8 or 10 persons, but there's no obligation to book a full table. If you book less than 8 or 10 seats, you'll be seated with other attendees.