Soignies wins the Benecup 2019 !

Thanks to the win 12 - 9 against La Hulpe, Soignies is the new winner of the Benecup.

You can find the replay of the game here

"La base est bonne pour créer une BeNeLeague"

Organisée pour la deuxième fois, la BeNeCup réussit nettement mieux aux clubs belges en ce début de saison. Avant la création d’une BeNeLeague ?

Benecup 2019 live stream

For the day 2 of the Benecup you can follow all the game right here !

La Hulpe vs Dendermonde :

Soignies vs ROC :


Benecup 2019

As you probably know, the Benecup starts in only 15 days, here is the teaser !



Benecup 2019 practical informations

This season is over and it is now time to talk about the next one.
We are really proud today to present to you the BeNeCup 2019! In the continuity of the BeNeCup 2018, Belgium Rugby and Rugby Nederland have worked very hard hand in hand to prepare the BeNeCup 2019.

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