This season is over and it is now time to talk about the next one.
We are really proud today to present to you the BeNeCup 2019! In the continuity of the BeNeCup 2018, Belgium Rugby and Rugby Nederland have worked very hard hand in hand to prepare the BeNeCup 2019.

The 4 best teams from Belgium and The Netherlands will face each other in this high-level competition! Each team will have at least 3 games at this level.
The BeNeCup will take place every weekend from the 7th to the 28th September.

This big final of the BeNeCup 2019 will take place in Brussels (except if 2 teams from the Netherlands face each other) 28th September at 17h00.
We are also delighted to announce an all-time first and special addition to the program, Dendermonde Ladies (Belgian Champion) versus Rugby AAC Ladies (Netherlands champion) at 14h30.
Who will be crowned champions of Belgium and The Netherlands this year! Be sure not to miss this contest starting Saturday 7 September 2019!